MonkeyME people are...

Love Bear

People who don't expect everything to be handed to them

People who always try to do the right thing

People who are happy in their own skin

Happy people living life to the fullest

People who know that the most important things in life are:

Faith, Family, Friends, Love & Happiness (F3LH)

This is a Memory Bear made from a MonkeyME t-shirt worn by a little boy who LOVED MonkeyME. Sadly this little boy passed away. In memory of him, his Mother had this Bear made for his Grandmother.

MonkeyME for the Cause:

This is a bowling event held April 29, 2012 for the benefit of Mary Telfair Mammography Fund. Fun was had by both young and old alike.

We hope to sponsor similar events. If you have a cause you would like to do a fundraiser for, contact us at to see if we can partner up with you.

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