MonkeyME Beginnings...


A couple of hard-working mechanics took a working vacation in the Florida Keys to make some extra cash. Their job was to build a screened porch on the back of a home that faced never-ending views of the turquoise Atlantic Ocean. The days turned into nights of work in order to complete the project within the time slot promised. The only breaks taken were to get some sleep or eat a meal.

The owner of the home had made the men a very nice meal of mahi and grouper for a lunch break on workday 4. Feeling the need for relaxation during this break, the two men made their way to the water’s edge to enjoy their meal and the tranquility of the ocean at the same time. The men, both dirty and feeling tired from the work, realized that there is positivity in each and every situation you are faced with on a daily basis. Neither really wanted to spend their vacation from work taking a side job, but they still managed to find good in what they were doing.

During the last couple of days working in the Florida Keys the two men discussed their new outlook on things and came up with their new MonkeyME philosophy….

1. Everyone needs a dose of MonkeyME to find positives in their daily grind.

2. The most important things in life are Faith, Family, Friends, Love, and Happiness!

MonkeyME has been working to make a difference in the lives of others in Savannah and the surrounding areas. It is our hope that as the company grows we can give back even more.

Please visit to pick up your MonkeyME gear and show the world you know what is most important in your life….

Faith, Family, Friends, Love, and Happiness


100% Positive